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Social Bookmarking Exposed

WARNING: Web 2.0 Social Marketing Has Never Been Made So Easy For You...

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From The Desk Of: John Merrick


Dear Friend,

Whatever level you're at with your internet marketing or website promotion, I guarantee that you are going to want to read every word of this letter today. Whether you're an absolute beginner, consider yourself at intermediate level or even if you have 'expert' or 'guru' status, this may be the most important letter that you'll ever read.

A bold statement I know, but what do I mean?...

Web 2.0 Has Exploded Onto The Scene...

You may or may not be aware that the life blood of any website is it's traffic... it's visitors. Without traffic, a website is of no real use at all. Whatever type of website you have, from a simple community based site, to a membership site in a specific niche or a virtual shop window that's used to sell digital or physical products, you'll need visitors... and lots of them.

It's no secret that Web 2.0 tactics such as Social Bookmarking, Social Networking and Tagging have taken the internet by storm recently. Simply put, these Web 2.0 strategies will allow your visitors to bookmark, organize, store and share your site with lots of other like minded people, causing an avalanche of free visitors to come to your website each and every day.

One of the main reasons for the success of Web 2.0 is that all of these tactics are loved by the search engines, because you will be getting relevant, targeted traffic to your site. This will lead to your website's rankings skyrocketing in no time at all, and with very little effort on your part as the good news for you is... you don't need to be a Web 2.0 expert to do this.

Why Use Yesterday's Tactics When You Don't Have To ?...

Promoting a website can often be a laborious and arduous task. It can take a lot of time and it can also cost you a lot of money. Some of the options available today are listed below, but each have their own pitfalls...

  • Pay Per Click (PPC) is widely regarded as one of the most instant methods of driving traffic to your site. It's going to cost you though and not doing it correctly can turn out to be an extremely expensive operation. Look on any internet forum and you will see dozens of stories of people who have wasted literally thousands of dollars on PPC.

  • With Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you have to know exactly what you are doing, because if you do not, you'll be wasting a lot of valuable time. If you do not want to do it yourself, you could pay someone else to do it for you. Either way, you will not see instant results overnight and you'll have to invest either your time or money.

  • Blog and Ping was a popular and effective method until the search engines changed their algorithms. Now it is very difficult to achieve any success in driving traffic to your site using Blog and Ping, plus its time consuming.

  • Writing articles is still a widely used tactic and it can be extremely effective. It is however, reliant on you doing a lot of work to submit original, relevant content and is therefore a very time consuming exercise. Not recommended unless you have hours and hours of free time to spare.

It's Not Impossible To Succeed With These Techniques, But ...

The one thing that the methods above all have in common, is that you'll need to be an expert in order to succeed with them. It's no different to any other area of expertise really, where becoming an expert can mean weeks if not months of time and effort on your part. Plus, in this particular area... the internet, you can also throw creative thinking and weeks of testing into the mix too. So becoming an expert in any of the above disciplines is going to take you a lot of time, or a great deal of money... or more than likely both.

The good news for you however, is that there is an alternative...

Introducing... The Social Bookmarking Exposed eBook -
The Quick And Easy Way To Get Tons Of Free Traffic To Your Sites ...

Generate Autopilot Cash 365 Days a Year!

Here's just a taste of what I'm going to reveal in The Social Bookmarking Exposed eBook:

  How to optimize your site to make it irresistible to the search engines

  How you can easily ensure the search engine robots quickly find your site

  How to use links to your site to increase your traffic exponentially

  Why the wrong type of links will penalise your site's rankings

  How Social Bookmarking will explode the SEO of your site

  Plus there's much, much more...

But Wait... If you secure your free copy today, you will also get free instant access to these amazing...

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Bonus #2: 14 Twitter Video Tutorials

In these powerful Twitter video tutorials you will discover:
  • How to quickly build a huge following

  • How you can easily create and add you own custom Twitter background

  • The best and most effective tools for getting the most out of Twitter

  • The little know secrets of combining Twitter with your email campaigns - And much, much more..

Who Else Wants To Stay One Step Ahead Of Their Competition ?

If you are in any way interested in getting more quality traffic to your website... for FREE, then the Social Bookmarking Exposed ebook is a weapon that you are going to want in your arsenal. It can significantly increase the number of visitors you'll be getting and the tactics I'm revealing are extremely easy to implement...

"So John, How Do I Cash In And Start Generating All Of This Free Traffic ?"

As someone who knows how powerful and effective the internet can be, I'm sure you will understand the importance of taking advantage of the most up to date, sophisticated advancements in technology, that will enable you to have that extra 'edge'?.

That is exactly what the Social Bookmarking Exposed ebook is going to enable you to do. You are going to be taking full advantage of the immense power of Web 2.0 technology, something that's really still in it's infancy, but is only going to get more and more popular in the future, so make sure you don't miss out and leave money on the table.

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These easy to follow, bite-sized videos (screen shots below) are going to help you understand why you're getting the truck loads of laser targeted traffic that you'll be getting to your site, and also give you more tips, tactics and know-how on how to attract even more traffic to your site... For FREE.


These great videos will also teach you:

  • How to optimize the back links you'll be getting from other sites

  • How easy is it to use 'keywords' to increase the flood of traffic to your site

  • Why search engines behave the way they do and how to use that to your advantage

  • How to spy on your competition's rankings in the search engines

So go ahead... secure your copy of the Social Bookmarking Exposed ebook now and ensure you lock-in your bonus of 10 videos for $127 FREE...


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To Your Success,

John Merrick

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